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As a company P&G Packaging have been involved in packaging and selling new equipment to high net worth companies for over 25 years. Along with providing maintenance of equipment (the eldest dating back to the mid 1950’s), overhauling and refurbishing equipment in-house, which has then been supplied to small and medium sized European and International clients.

Our experience includes a full spectrum of packaging equipment, from surveying and servicing equipment, to supplying, project managing and commissioning the latest innovative equipment with top of the range technology.

We provide a due-diligence service worldwide, with a UK based report completion. Not only based around the key point areas, but aiming to report on other key observations during the diligence visit. A brief overview is advised on this page.

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Due Diligence

Key Objectives:
  • Technical efficiency, effectiveness and suitability of existing plants for producing existing products portfolio.
  • Assessment of the existing production team.
  • Evaluation of expansion plans (feasibility, suitability, adequacy of project management function).
  • Facility overview – description of all equipment installed.
  • Expansion plan – such as resource requirements to scale up and facility performances.
  • Valuation of existing plant, equipment and facilities.
  • Capital expenditure required to fix any existing issues, update and upgrade the existing production capacity to a reasonable standard for the next 5-10 years and amount required to increase the capacity of the plant.

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