World Class Gable-Top Packaging Machinery Systems.


Since 1962, NiMCO continues as the leading independent manufacturer of form fill and seal equipment for gable-top cartons. NiMCO continue to build on their long standing reputation as the premier manufacturer of reliable and affordable form, fill and seal machinery systems, filling a variety of products in gable-top cartons.

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New and unique systems include:

  • CAP-PAC spout Applicator Systems
  • Original Equipment of Field Retrofit
  • Ultra Clean Carton Sterilisation using H202
  • For Long Life Products – Juices, Eggs, Salads

Dry-Fill Packaging Solutions - Food and Non-Food

Constructed of all stainless steel frames and with mechanical drive systems, many special design features and technology enhancements adapt liquid filling machines to the intricacies of dry-fill applications for food and non-food products.

Offering a range of different efficient and economical machine models, designed to fill an array of products into paperboard gable top cartons with fill volumes from 4 ounces through to 5 litres at speeds ranging from 4 up to 125 cartons per minute – all machines are available with the optional CAP PAC Snout applicator system.

Sugar – Sweets – Cereal – Granola – Sprinkles – Nuts – Salt Spices – Pancake Mix – Dried Fruits and Vegetables – Confectionary and many more…

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Liquid Packaging Solutions - Food and Non-Food

With the ability to customise each machine for each individual customers, NiMCO has a reputation for creating the most flexible machine models in the industry for a wide variety of liquid product types to fill carton volumes of 4 ounces through to 5 litres at filling speeds of 4 up to 125 cartons per minute.

To meet the greater demands for packaging hygiene, the NiMCO UltraClean ESL system takes standard machines to a higher hygiene level to help extend the shelf-life of chilled products beyond the pasteurised level of distribution benefits.

Taking pride in producing state of the art mechanical designs, helping maximise production whilst minimising maintenance costs.

Milk – Cream – Juice – Liquid Egg – Yoghurt – Fruit Drinks – Ice Cream Mix – Whipping Cream – Tea – Soups – Sauces – Syrups – Beer – Wine – Detergents – Shampoo – Water and many more.

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